At the time of Google's search engine ranking algorithm launched a new site, a lot of downgrades affected than before. This can be YES and NO because your website has been penalized by Google. And if your site is being penalized by Google, do not despair! ... There is still a chance of Mercy from Google if you want to correct your site again.


Some things you must do if aingin your blog off of Punishment:

1. Check with your site's true, what is not really affected by sanctions

Sudden drop in rankings does not necessarily mean that your website has been punished. It's possible that your competitors have a lot of quality backlinks, or too many submit their article on social media sites. Some backlinks that you get all this has been broken by its website or on your website does not meet the current requirements in the eyes of Google.  

Reread QUALITY WEBSITE GOOGLE eyes. For that reason, it is important to check back our site True or not we are exposed sanksi.Tuliskan on Google search for "" and "site:" you. If you do not get any results, then chances are that your website is being punished or sanctioned.

2. Find the cause of the wear Sanctions Google

Before you contact the Google, you should try first to find a reason for punishment. Maybe you already do the things below: you sell links on your website: if you sell links on your website for SEO purposes and if it's obvious that you are selling links, it might get you in trouble. Use rel = "nofollow" attribute if you sell links. You pay for a link to promote your web site

Mechanisms system Google is very keen in judging the quality of a web any way that we do, Google will know. Remove link that you pay for. You are fully using the Automatic Backlinks. It is almost certain that Google will penalize your website. Remove Backlink scripts automatically from your web page. You use on-page spam techniques hidden, text, keyword stuffing, cloaking or sneaky redirects.

3.Hapus Elements of Spam. And Optimize your web pages

Before you apply for a review, you must ensure that your website does not contain spam elements. Checking step 2 and remove any that contain spam elements from your web page. Then optimize your web pages to make sure that Google will give your website a high rank, with how to install the proper keywords.

When you have done it, not until you start the reconsideration request to Google's party. Google always updates to the system ranking algorithm. All the spam technique on your web page will soon be in the know by Google. If you want to get your rankings do not come down and safe from Google Sanctions, Use SEO techniques approved by the Google.

Perhaps only that information that could give hope your blog is not affected by red sanction from google. Remains a passion for blogging and do not forget your comment to this blog.

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aryo kumoro aryo mengatakan... 10 November 2011 17.47

nice post n very good.
keep blogwalking.

iwankiddy mengatakan... 10 November 2011 18.10

don't your blog craw with sandbox google | is very dangerous

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