what size to optimize your blog?
it is necessary for bloggers to blog optimization, but if it is measurable samapai where the optimization blog.

When you sit down to write a blog article, what’s your motivation for writing?
Is it that you have something interesting to say, which you hope will appeal to your audience?
Or do you write with the intention of bringing in all the keywords you can…for optimal SEO, in a drive to enhance your site,  get it noticed by the key search engines, and gain more custom?
Whatever your motivation, it’s important to always bear in mind exactly why you are blogging.

Optimal SEO your BLOG…Don’t Worry About it!

If you are writing through a passion for your subject, then you don’t really need to bear SEO in mind, if you’re happy having a platform for self-expression which doesn’t rely on a large amount of traffic passing through. However, even if you are a hobby blogger, it’s well worth considering your SEO tactics, to make sure your words get heard and responded to.

When we write about something we are really interested in, it’s easy to let enthusiasm steer the way. We can sit down with the intention of writing a small missive on a topic we want to air, and sit back half an hour later to discover that we have churned out a post of thousands of words. We publish it, proud of what we have accomplished, and feel despondent when it doesn’t receive the attention or credit it deserves.
Similarly, if we sit down to write and aren’t in the mood, trying to pull out a few hundred words on our chosen subject can be more painful than waking up in the dentist’s chair to discover that the laughing gas has worn off.

Optimal Seo…it’s all about length!

Blog writing, like any other discipline, has a few rules for doing it in the best possible way, and the length of your post is as important as remembering to pepper your text with keywords and backlinks.
Blogs are essentially online information repositories.

Our readers come to our posts because they are trying to find something out, and despite all the research which goes in to search engine optimisation, if we alienate our readers, as potential customers, we lose the whole point of having a blog in the first place.

If we liken blogs to newspapers, it gets much easier to see how we should write, and what length our posts should be to keep our customers happy.

You may have noticed that I like to post up articles which are about 500 words in length.
If I get carried away I can go up to much more than that, but really that is a kind of self-indulgence and I shouldn’t do it.

In 500 words, you have the ability to tell a small story – you can set the scene, drop in as many of your keywords as you like, and bring the tale to a conclusion. You know that your post will not take longer than around five minutes for your readers to absorb. This is ideal, because readers don’t go online to plough through reams of text – that’s why man invented books.

Your ideal length of text for a blog article depends upon a few things – what you have to say, how you want to say it, and how much detail you want to go in to.
However, as a general rule, keep your posts the same length as a pithy news article, and you have everything in place to keep your readers and do a great job.

This article is now nearing 600 words. I’m going to shut up!
Oh…hold on…to answer the title of this blog post…make sure your text blog post is at least 300 words!

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